10. Say it with feeling

I was most of the way through the first draft, and aaaaaarrgh! What I had written was  stilted, mechanical and just damn uninteresting – plus it had taken me ages. Instead of going down the pub and crying into a pint or three, I chucked it away and before starting again; looked for what was wrong.

A book by Nancy Kress says we must learn to be multiple things i.e. characterwriter, and reader. It says the first step is to forget about being a writer and become the character. Think, FEEL, see and smell as they do. Next, become a writer but a non-critical one who just acts as the conduit to get the character’s perceptions, speech, and actions down on paper. Continue reading “10. Say it with feeling”

9. I need treatment

Last post I said I approach a treatment as a way of outlining the story. Well below is it. The six steps are covered and I think a solid story has resulted. However, the treatment is almost as long as the finished story; so I’ve overdone it a bit and probably got into the territory of the first draft. However, I read that if it is for personal usage only and not for attracting business then there are no rules. Continue reading “9. I need treatment”

7. Someone changed the story


I’ve been bullied into changing the story by a character. It is the first time a character seemed to be insisting I wrote their story, and I can’t ignore it. It started with a small picture cut from a magazine of a slightly overweight girl in her early twenties. Her eyes looked sad, they seemed to implore don’t pick on me, I’ve been hurt so often. I asked what if she was a murderess? Continue reading “7. Someone changed the story”